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Why the low prices? What's the trick?

None! Our Unauthorized Authentics pairs are shipped directly from the factories of origin, bypassing the middlemen and avoiding mindless reselling.

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About us

From Tenis Shop we offer the latest news in sneakers on the sneaker world . Our mission is based on having the latest in sneakers and accessories, since our product is intended for both the most select collector and the public that is looking for casual-style sneakers for day to day.

We have the latest sneaker trends and offer exclusive products, reissues and renowned collaborations. Shoes are the element that best defines our personality and the one that allows us to mark our style when it comes to dressing.


The sneakers were everything I expected, 100% safe and fast and they gave me very good attention.

Kenneth Solis

They fit me perfectly and without any negative detail, very reliable.

Gabriel Sanchez

Recommended to the Thousand they always kept me up to date and the tennis shoes arrived in estimated time.

Ana Carina Silva