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We believe that Streetwear and Sneakers should not be reserved for a privileged few.


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Leo, the founder ofTenisshop.la - TENISSHOP LLC




How it all started

Tired of seeing other people wear overpriced (but super dumb) sneakers while I had to settle for more affordable and available models..

I know you understand me...

My income didn't allow me to come close to buying my dream shoes like the Jordans 1 Travis Scott High Mocha in size 10 that cost over 2,000$ USD at resellers and a simple Supreme Box logo hooded hoodie that costs over ,1000$ Of course, that didn't stop me from keeping up and visiting Supreme stores every Thursday for new releases (for which most of the time it's too late!).

(Yes, I am one of those fans who knows your own sneakers better than most)

That said, no one was surprised when I decided to get into the reselling business and therefore investigate the entire brand production process, starting at Nike before moving on to supply chains and assembly...And that\'s how it all started...



Shocking Truth: 'Limited Collections' Aren't That Limited

Over time, I was deployed abroad to low labor cost countries like Vietnam and China where the big brands would outsource their production process to these factories. I realized that THOUSANDS of pairs of the most popular and exclusive sneakers are left out for quality control, and must be replaced when there is an inspection failure, or a defective batch that can be due to storage climatic conditions (because that most sneakers sit in warehouses for months or even years before being shipped to retail stores) or other related reasons.

So, yes.

I concluded my research and it turned out that these factories (contracted by big brands like Nike and Adidas) either produce 2-5 times the amount of supplies they need for their productions or they launch and divide the entire manufacturing process into multiple different factories to avoid just one for gain design insights or the power to gain access to the entire supply chain or sell these exclusive items in the first place. Finally, they all come together on a private assembly line ready to be assembled by the big brands.

The main reason for all this is that they need these extra pairs \'just in case\', to replace the rejected pairs after they fail FINAL quality inspection as they could never be late for an announced release date.

Well, guess what happens once enough peers pass the check and these big companies hit their quota?



Hundreds (if not thousands) of additional Pairs left behind

Can you believe it?

As crazy as it sounds, the big brands release very limited stock to create shortages and drive up prices.Of course you have heard the rumor that brands like Gucci, or LV destroy their own collections before sending them to discounts, this in order not to devalue the value perceived by the brand, in the same way it happens with Nike, Adidas or Jordan Brand for example.


That's when I came up with this idea...

As a lover of Sneakers with an immense passion for Streetwear, I took on the task of contacting these factorieswe asked them to sell us those pieces.

(What would they do with them anyway?)

we only had to get our hands on a limited number of pairs before we could find the identical source of material in every inch of the products we offer to sell on our website today, and that is why we generally don\'t release an item until it has been "officially released" in retail stores.

This is how "UA" was born, which stands for Unauthorized Authenticity.

Fast forwarding today, we have the largest network of manufacturers producing sneakers for all the major brands such as Adidas, Nike, Supreme, etc. and yet we do not have to trust them. We sell exclusive models likeYeezy Boost Collection, Jordans 1 Off White, Fear Of God and even designer brands like Balenciaga, Gucci and many more. We sell them at a much more reasonable price and we give ourselves the task of comparing the retail pair (OG) so that there is not an iota of difference.

The attention we give to the details so that each one of you can put them on with total confidence.

This is the closest you could get tobeing to wear the most limited and iconic Sneakers and Streetwear. without breaking your pockets.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service via:


@ tenisshop.la

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+506 60151571 





\'UA\'"UNAUTHORIZED AUTENTICS" , which means unauthorized authentic. It means they were made in the same factory and from the same materials as the original product, but sold by someone other than the retailer.

Major shoe companies do not stick to a factory to produce their shoes, but instead allocate a certain number (ie 30,000) per model for each factory to produce. The thing about all these factories is that they don\'t just produce the allotted number of pairs. They will produce double the quantity, sometimes even 5 times the quantity of shoes! The reason is that they need these extra pairs to replace the rejected pairs after they fail quality inspection.

What happens after the shoe company receives their assigned number of shoes is that they move production to another factory to produce the same pairs of shoes. Now, what remains in the factories are the extra pairs of shoes that were rejected, or never even seen by quality control because the shoe company has already reached its quota.

As such, our shoe prices are lower than retail because there are not multiple markup levels through retail locations to get the product to the consumer.